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Announced: 08/11/2017 Bella Morte Bella Morte is an energetic, melodic, evocative act that explores themes of love, loss, tragedy, hope, and horror through music.Haunting synths float atop blazing guitar riffs and pounding percussion, as dark, crooner-esque vocals carry anthemic lyrics to eager crowds.I just reset the password of everyone who hasn't used the login form and hasn't changed his password for a year. Keeping you updated on the latest in English otome games! Aside of that we have various fixes and improvements to the CReq system which are mostly of interest to the rest of the mods and our more dedicated users adding content.On a different note i've been doing regular updates now for a year every month... Changelog - Javascript :: Changelog - CSS :: Changelog - Perl * 0002965: [Feature Request] Add profile option to disable user css * 0002952: [Feature Request] Anime Stats: Add Duration * 0002953: [Feature Request] Anime Stats: Add Mylist/Wishlist stats * 0002951: [Feature Request] Anime Stats: Add Popularity over Time * 0002964: [Feature Request] cast credit edit: add convert character action for regular user * 0002930: [Feature Request] Creq list: add table & resource type to "Related Entry" column * 0000277: [Feature Request] Creq: allow creqs to be modified * 0002968: [Feature Request] Creq: combine entity, title and resource creqs into 1 creq for easier handling by mods * 0002806: [Feature Request] Creq: show full raw data for del creqs, like in ADD creqs * 0002869: [Feature Request] Global Settings: Add option to choose 12 or 24 hours style time * 0002944: [Feature Request] Graph: combine tooltips for multi axis charts * 0002960: [Feature Request] my stats: new graph for average vote per episode count * 0002914: [Feature Request] New anime rel notification PM: PM for wishlisted anime as well as mylisted * 0002925: [Feature Request] Short links: add /ta /tch /tcr /te for show=addtagentityrel and the appropriate aid/charid/creatorid/eid * 0002904: [Feature Request] User stats: also update on occasion if stats are not stale but mylist is * 0002938: [Feature Request] Userpage: Discussions area: add "buddy blog" links to "news" and "messages" * 0002966: [Feature Request] Userpage: sort clubs by name instead of memebrcount * 0002948: [MISC] Tag edit page: change "restricted to" to "allowed on" for allowed_types * 0002923: [Bug Report] Add link to full review on anime page tab * 0002859: [Bug Report] Anime page, group status: g_odd applied to even rows rather than odd ones * 0002945: [Bug Report] Anime Page: on removing anime from wishlist (from lightbox) the updated row is using the wrong values * 0002946: [Bug Report] Anime Page: predicted vote removed on revoke/vote action * 0002947: [Bug Report] automatic season/startyear generation broken for certain dates in december * 0002963: [Bug Report] cast credit edit: if a user doesn't have the permission to delete credits then a convert would throw errors and not issue a del * 0002916: [Bug Report] Character/anime entities: "your vote" aggregate is not rounded to nearest 0.01, and is displayed with extra decimal point(s) * 0002903: [Bug Report] Creator: HTML escape sequences are being HTML escaped * 0002273: [Bug Report] CREQ history pages show information that was added in future edits * 0002969: [Bug Report] Creqlist: Wrong resource type displayed for resource creqs * 0002694: [Bug Report] Forum Post Notify: Missing Parent Forum Name for Posts to AGID Comments * 0002921: [Bug Report] Forum: fulltext search fails to return thread title if search term is contained in square brackets in the title * 0002905: [Bug Report] Graphs: Include data points for all distinct points of time between start and end in line graphs even if the value is zero * 0002907: [Bug Report] Graphs: JSON data for watched files on user stats may be in irregular order * 0002941: [Bug Report] Group: release note shown when group's only releases contain only S eps * 0002956: [Bug Report] Images: a small portion of images has wrong height/width set and gets stretched * 0002961: [Bug Report] my stats: implement permisison level checks for graphs * 0002922: [Bug Report] Reviews: Click event for Header misbehaving * 0002955: [Bug Report] Search: fix lowres/mobile version * 0002915: [Bug Report] Season for anime with only year airing date (yyyy-?? ) indicated as the following year at least on Votes list * 0002919: [Bug Report] Short links: /cht short link translates to wrong reltb parameter for addname * 0002962: [Bug Report] votes: weird non int cnt values for votes * 0002954: [Bug Report] Wishlist: filtering by notification status causes an internal server error Ani DB is shaped by its users, and is constantly evolving.

Walter Jones Jones played the character of Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger in the Power Rangers universe. Gilbert Carrizales Gilbert Carrizales performs electronic music productions and remixes live with keyboards and laptops. Announced: 08/08/2017Ric Flair Widely regarded as the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Ric Flair is an American professional wrestling manager and retired professional wrestler.Psychostick What happens when two best friends who grew up listening to Weird Al and Pantera decide to start a band combining crunching riffs and laugh-out-loud lyrics? DJ Eko Bass Hailing from Albany NY, this geek inspired DJ is ready to rock Dragon Con! Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat Announced: 08/07/2017Michelle Harrison Michelle has remained one of the more sought after actresses in Canada, appearing in more than 70 movies and TV shows.Psychostick happens, happened, and continues to happen. Patrick Edwards Patrick Edwards is a husband, a father, and an all around silly silly fun boy. She is currently seen as Nora Allen in a reoccurring role on CW's The Flash, guest-starring in a few of the most highest-rated episodes of the series.Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male, or occasionally female characters. Announced: 08/12/2017William Stout William Stout is an American fantasy artist and illustrator with a specialization in paleontological art.

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